Thursday, December 27, 2018

LOTS of Vegan Finds, Volunteering, Family & Friends!

Continuing with my updates - I'm jumping right in with the 6X6 Photo Splashes!  Hope you don't mind!  Many of these photos are from quite a while ago but I thought they were still worth a mention!  This past summer we spent a lot of time at the fairgrounds.  It seems each year we spend more and more time there.  Each weekend.  Many evenings!  Starting in Mid April and going thru Mid October!  We did a LOT of potlucks and community dinners.  It really does feel like a Commune down there at times - that is the part I like!  PLUS...I can share some vegan dishes that non-vegans seem to enjoy!  As you can see I was rocking the Florida Crystals this year!  It's a nicely labeled vegan sugar!  

I did get a few of the Grainful meals for the camper freezer.  They came in pretty handy.

I made a lot of Tomato Salads...Tomato and Onion...Tomato, Onion, Cucumber...Tomato, Onion, Sweet name it!  

The photo on the bottom-center was a few of us doing Voter Registration at a local high school.  The League of Women Voters always partner-up with the official Voter Registration Guru at our local courthouse!

And then you can see some more propagation experiments with that last photo!

A while back I noticed that our local Walmart started carrying more Sweet Earth products INCLUDING the Veggie Lovers Pizza!  I have to say this is a WONDERFUL Vegan Freezer Pizza, folks!  I can't wait to grab another one!  It was SO flavorful and I LOVED that it had 2 sauces on it!  YUM!

In the fall I did try and take more photos around town and you can see one of them with the railroad/bridge in the center.  Another thing I tried to get back into was Meditation.  I'm still trying with that!

I think I fell back on TOO MANY Vegan Mac & Cheeses this past fall - including the one you see here.  I do remember that one being a squash base and it turned YUMMY!

I also found some more Enjoy Life snacks at Tops.  Maple Sweet Potato?  I just HAD to!  Glad I did, too, they were tasty!

Here you can see a photo of my wonderfully adorable niece Trinity!  More photos of her to follow - because she's too cute - NOT to brag about, eh?

Another silly selfie on IG with a filter that gave me eyelashes.  

Another photo from the fairgrounds from this past fall when we started seeing mushrooms popping up everywhere!  I just LOVED the colors!

The two photos on the bottom of 'this 6' on the right and on the left were from the Annual United Fund Kickoff!  Some places have the United Way and we have United Fund here.  It's pretty much the same idea...local charities and fundraising each year.  This is the 2nd year I was the Slowest Potato Peeler.  Now it's going to be 'a thing' and I will have to make fun of myself and it from now on!   It's all in good fun, tho!

The one in the center-bottom was the first of many Free The Girls IG posts!  More on that in coming posts but in's a new service project for our local Zonta Club.  We have an ongoing drop off location for new and gently used bras for Free The Girls - based in Indiana - and they help survivors of trafficking start their own retail business in their own communities!  The 3 countries they have programs in currently are Mozambique, El Salvador, and Costa Rica!

In a RARE Day Off this past fall...I met up with my parents, sister, and Miss Trinity for a trip to Erie.  We found this artist and sculpture guy who reused and recycled items and placed them in his front yard as works of art - and BOY - were they!  It's FREE to visit!  Here you can see 6 photos of the outing!  

Of course Trinity has to have unicorn stuff because I'm her aunt!  There was a car that was made into a spider...they often light that up with each season.  There was a 'dude' they dressed up like a Pirate for Halloween.  A wasp.  A 2-headed Dinosaur.  And a Flag Wall made out of License Plates!

Total Evolution in Warren now carries Earth Below Kombucha which is locally brewed in Emporium, PA, and I have to say I have enjoyed each flavor I have tried so far!  I can't wait to try more!  They have a tap installed at Total Evolution!  Woot!  

Here you can see more about FTG (Free The Girls) and another Zonta Club post!  I will be blogging about many of our service projects soon!

I was telling you how I was trying to get more and more into plants!  Well, I started my parents in on a few, too!  You can see their green and pink one is doing better than mine!

I was able to find another BOOCH at Whole Foods Co-Op in Erie a while back, too!

Oh yeah...and a skeleton dressed up like a clown in a coffin from the Auto Art place in Erie is above, too!

More teasers, here, but I told you we took a trip to Indiana!  I will be posting more about that soon - PROMISE!

Trinity is pictured above in one of the first FORTS we made!  She LOVES them!  And BOY do we make some good ones!

Also this past fall I really needed to do some reflection so I went over to Kinzua Dam and took some photos!

I know I was telling you a while back about the new vegan line at ALDI well here is another Salad Dressing I found!  It was VERY GOOD!  It was a Tahini Goddess!  

In the center on the bottom, you will see a group of people eating!  This was our 3rd gathering for the group we welcome from Erie from the Multicultural Resource Center.  We finally have a name for our group!  Welcome To Warren County Committee!

This Refugee group was 9 to 13-year-olds and they were so fun!  I was so excited to spend more time with them this time around!  They were Refugees from Syria, Eritea, Ukraine and a few adults from Ukraine, Bhutan, and Kyrgyzstan.

And just to finish up a few random catch-ups...the 3 top photos here are from our League of Women Voters Annual Membership Meeting in the fall.  We went to a small local museum that I had not been to but was glad I did go!  It was a neat place.  

Then another photo of my parents plant I started them on, one of the photos from our Indiana road trip, and a random photo from a live remote broadcast prior to us leaving for our trip.


  1. That recycled sculpture park looks amazing! I remember when you first posted them on instagram. I can't wait till Wolfie starts to build forts as a kid, and then I'll have to yell at him to take them down lol

    Also Trinity is super cute. And YES UNICORNS ARE AWESOME! Even Wolfie has some unicorn clothes from time to time.

    1. The park was FUN and the artist was super nice - he came out to chat with us! I have to build the forts for Trinity but I know she likes them...can't wait until she starts building them on her own!!

  2. Trinity is adorable!! And your selfie game is strong, you look great! The sculptures are so cool and that pizza sounds seriously delicious. The Enjoy Life snacks sound so good and how cool to find those mushrooms!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It's been a crazy couple of months!

  3. I like that name, Fleetwood Macchiato. Hope you and your loved ones had a great Christmas and here's wishing you all a Happy New Year, 2019.

    1. I thought that name was funny and punny, too! Creative! Happy New Year to you as well! Hope your Christmas was a great one!

  4. Trinity is so adorable, you have every right to brag!

    1. teehee! Thanks! She's a character that is for sure!

  5. So many great pics and eats! Love the sculptures and Trinity is adorable!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I will have LOTS of additional Trinity pics soon, too!

  6. The sculptures sound quite fun! Trinity is so cute, and hooray for forts!

  7. Unicorns are awesome! Almost as awesome as cats. ;) I love unicorn stuff! And too much mac and cheese? Is there such a thing?

    1. I collect unicorns! I have over 600 unicorn themed items in my collection. I hope to get her started!