Friday, December 6, 2013

Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie

Just a quick post about a smoothie I did the other night.  My husband wanted a smoothie as a "dessert" so I thought I would make one for myself as well.  His had Strawberry, Fresh Banana, and Real Milk in it.  As many of you know he's on a Standard American Diet...but I'm very excited because a smoothie a couple times a week is a nice step, I think!  Every step helps towards improvement for all of us, ya know!?

Anyhow...this smoothie pictured here is the one I made for myself!  I'm super happy with my Excalibur Dehydrator because it also doubles as a surface for taking pictures!  YAY! 

This Smoothie contains the following:

1 C Coconut Milk
8 Strawberries
6 Frozen Peach Slices
1/4 Frozen Banana
1/2 Scoop of GoL Raw Perfect Food - Apple Flavor

This was creamy and fruity.  I was very happy with the outcome of this attempt.  

Each time I use this product I like it more and more!  Each serving of Perfect Food RAW contains over 17 nutrient-dense veggie juices that are freeze-dried using a gentle process that maintains nutrient potency and freshness...I will be blogging about this more in the near future, too!

Perfect food RAW also contains over a dozen organic raw sprouts. Sprouting is a term that refers to the process where you unlock the nutrient potential within a seed and is a great way to increase the digestibility of seeds, nuts and legumes while maintaining their raw nutrient density....I will also start to sprout various items in my kitchen in the near future as well!

Finally, Perfect Food RAW contains a host of live probiotics and enzymes. Enzymes are present in all raw foods and enhance the body’s ability to digest and assimilate the nutrients our food contains while probiotics are key to the optimal function of our digestive system.  I've been so grateful that I have my digestion under control this past year (and then some).  I will NOT Be going back to my old ways!


  1. This looks great, having fun reading about all your GoL creations! I just received a lot of stevia to start experimenting with - should be fun!

    1. That might be a mini goal for me in the near future I have been 'sitting on' a slew of NuNatural's Stevia's and NEED to use them!

  2. Replies
    1. I've been having them as a dessert or snack at night just as much if not more than breakfast items! They are good!