Friday, August 16, 2013

Bluegrass Night - Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass - Northern Railroad Bluegrass Opened!

Christine and I have chatted about our husbands BOTH being in bands (yet another thing we have in common!)

Last week - during the fair - the band that my husband is a part of is a Bluegrass Band and they opened for Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass.  The band that my husband is a part of is called Northern Railroad Bluegrass.  He plays guitar and is pictured on the right.  The other guitar player on the left is Bud.  The Mandolin player is Tom.  Joel is the Bass Player.  And John is the Banjo player...he's my husband's uncle!

It was a VERY fun time that night.  Thursday of the Fair has been Bluegrass Night for the last 3 years!  The first year they had Bluegrass Night was the year they had The Grascals there.  Last year the featured Bluegrass Band was The Gibson Brothers.

This is a photo of Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass.  Their Mandolin Player is Danny's son and he's only 13 years old and AMAZING!

They have been nominated and have won many awards in the Bluegrass World.  They currently have 2 singles on the Bluegrass Charts, too!

Something AWESOME that happened was that Danny Paisley played Dale's Guitar AND his son played Tom's Mandolin. 

And something REALLY Awesome that happened...after their main show...Danny's band asked Northern Railroad up to the stage to play a couple of songs with them!

They had a great jam!  I think everyone had FUN.  It was a really neat time!  Their band was wonderfully laid back and oh-so-nice!

I know it's something the guys will remember forever!  That they got to play on stage with an IBMA Bluegrass Award-Winning Band!

I wasn't able to take video last week but I found this somewhat recent video on YouTube from August 3rd.  They performed at our Fair on August 8th.

In case you were interested in checking out their instrumental talents!


  1. Oooo...that's a whole lot of fun!!! Wish I had been there!

    1. The Jam Session was VERY fun! The guys had a great time but the audience did too~

  2. Excellent mandolin playing....that's what my husband plays!!!

    1. COOL :)
      What kind of music does he play on his mandolin?

  3. What a fun event, I appreciate listening to a variety of live music now more since my husband joined a band.

    1. I can relate to that as well!! :)
      I'm looking forward to more pics of your hubby's band! I posted a blog post with a link to you earlier today with your Creamy Tomato Soup! Also...another animal post. This Friday I will be attending a concert with my sister - Village People AND KC & The Sunshine Band! Woot! Can't wait!