Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm kind of a Blender Geek

I'm Kind of a Blender Geek.  Not that I know a lot about Blenders, per say, but I do like LOTS consumables I create IN my blender!  Perhaps it's because it's so easy - not sure- but I have had some good luck with Blender Recipes!  

That's why I thought THIS book...

 would be right up my alley!  BUT - My InterLibrary Loan Program was unable to find any locations.

It's ok, tho!  I just might have to place an Amazon Book order soon!

A few other books my InterLibrary Loan Book Program was unable to find recently were...
BUT...come to find out it's only available via a Kindle Purchase!  Oops!  My BAD!  I don't have a Kindle but I have iPad.

My questions for YOU today are...
Which books are currently on your Amazon Wishlist?
Do you buy books via Kindle and/or iPad?  If so...where do you purchase them?
I have LOTS more books I will be commenting on very soon!  I have been a little behind on my posts - among other things!

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