Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MidWeek Munchies Vegan Garlic Galore Wildtree Recipe Dip (***CONTEST***)

Happy MidWeek Munchies to ya!
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For my quick post today...

Garlic Galore Vegan Dip

You may or may not know that I (along with my mom, dad, and sister) have been Wildtree Representatives for a while now.  It works well because I can speak on the vegetarian and vegan products, my mom and sister can talk about more Standard American Diet type things, and my dad can talk about his personal experiences about how some of the products has helped his overall health, too! 

As a vegan foodie - I can eat the majority of offerings in the catalog.  Heck!  I'm just stoked they have so many options!  And MOST of the products are not only organic but many of them gluten free, too!

Having said is my take on the Garlic Galore Dip VEGANIZED!

1/2 C Just Mayo
1/2 C (many a little more) Tofutti Sour Cream
1 1/2 T Wildtree Garlic Galore Blend

That's all!  And it's WONDERFUL if you LOVE garlic like I do!  But that isn't all I do with this product...I basically use it almost everyday!  Every time you need garlic!  

Before we get to the LINK UP...I'm going to do a spur of the moment CONTEST!  If you LINK UP to this weeks MWM - as well as - LEAVE A COMMENT on this post with your email addy - I will choose a winner to receive one of these Garlic Galore's in the near future!  I will choose the winner Wednesday, May 28th!  WHO WANTS TO WIN?


  1. That sounds like a great very handy product. Not sure if I'd be eligible for the comp as I'm UK not US but just in case my email is

    1. Thanks for entering! I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the garlic!

  2. Yum, this sounds like a fun and versatile product!

  3. That sounds like a tasty dip for my favorite, oven fries!!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I love the organic ingredients in the Wildtree Garlic Seasoning.I am a big fan of flavor so I am going to have to check it out. It will certainly add a kick to some of my daily dishes.

    1. Be sure to link up if you haven't already!