Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Focusing On Pain

Make it stop!
I really did a number on myself!

So if you have followed my blog for more than a year you may remember that I have struggled with Sciatica.  I'm thankful that I have never needed surgery or even taken medication for it.  But it's back.  I'm not sure if it was something that I did or if it's just the time of the year and it getting colder, etc.  But I have been really feeling it again since Thanksgiving Day.  I'm hoping I can do things myself and at home so I don't have to visit the Chiropractor.

2nd issue I have been having the last few months is a sore thumb.  I know that sounds petty.  The last week or so it has looked crooked by the knuckle by the nail.  I don't know if I broke it or if it's arthritis but either way I'm not happy.  I've always been double jointed and very much so in that thumb.  My mom and her mom have and had horrible arthritis so I'm nervous about this.  

And the third strike came today while at work when I whacked my knee on my desk.  This isn't unusual.  I tend to do this every other week it seems BUT this was hardcore.  So much so that it brought me to my knees and tears to my eyes.

I need to do something about this so here is my plan...


I know that I am back and forth on YOGA but I have to be more consistent with it.  Even if I have to bring my mat to work and do it in the bathroom I am going to do it more.

Green Smoothies.

Again something I struggle with being consistent at.  I mean, REALLY, how hard is it?  It's NOT...it's just me making excuses for NOT waking up earlier enough and not having enough fresh produce...which is similar to my 'thing' with Juicing.  I seriously NEED to focus on this.

Herbs & Essential Oils

These are something I have been digging deeper and deeper into as of late and I need to step it up a notch NOW!  When it comes to pain the following are things I am going to do to combat it whether it's herbs and/or essential oils...Aloe Vera, Boswellia, Cat's Claw, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Green Tea, Thunder God Vine, Turmeric, and Willow Bark.  Of those I have already done a few of them often.  I will be bumping that up more tho.  One of those that I am not familiar with is the Thunder God Vine and will be doing more research on it very soon.

Speaking of my own personal research and development...I have been looking into many other things that I will be sharing with you very soon!

What do you do for pain management at home?


  1. Wow, that's a lot to deal with. Sometimes it's the smallest things hurting that can really drive you insane! It sounds like you have a great plan to deal with it!
    I do a lot of the stuff you're doing, and I try to add turmeric to everything! I try to eat something with either fresh or dried turmeric once a day! If I go a couple of days without, I notice a big difference.

    1. Out of everything the stupid thumb is the one I am worried about the most! LOL I LOVE LOVE LOVE Turmeric! I try and eat it daily, too!

  2. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. The Chinese believe that pain can be brought by cold weather, what we call "wind". Would be good to take "hot foods", ginger would be one of those...and avoid "cold" ones - some fruits and vegetables are in this category.

    Take care there, God bless. Christmas will be here soon.

    1. That totally makes sense! Cold weather bringing pain...we say that a lot, too, probably because of the wise Chinese history, tho, I am sure! We've learned so much from Chinese Medicine and History!

  3. That is a lot, so sorry! Cold weather can fuel joint pain, but it seems like you have a good plan. I am a hardcore kale smoothie girl for breakfast and stick to regular strength training and cardio to keep things moving and strong.

    1. I need to keep moving more I think! As much as I don't want to when it's cold and I would rather be under a blanket! LOL

  4. ack! The thumb makes me wither in pain just hearing about it. I use my hands often so little cuts hurt more than what most people would think. I work with big pains of glass, and one day I just bumped my thumb knuckle on the edge of about 25lbs of glass, on the sharp edge. The bumping didn't hurt since the glass was so sharp, it was the deep cut healing over the course of 3 months! Ugh. I probably needed to get stitches, or rather stitches probably would of sped up the process. I hope the yoga helps out with your sciatica. I find exercises and stretches help the best.

    A person once recommended making a drink with tumeric, ginger, and cayenne pepper. It didn't taste very good, you totally need to chug it. When my feet were killing me from standing too often I drank that along with tart cherry juice. I think it helped speed the recovery process.

    1. I've had some success with yoga for sciatica! I hope it continues to help! Your thumb injury sounds awful! Eeeeek! I've heard of that Turmeric drink as well and might have to revisit that! Thanks for the reminder! I need to get some Tart Cherry Juice! I haven't had that in YEARS. Thanks!

  5. Oh honey that really sucks :( I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all of those altogether (or at all!).
    It sounds like you have a great plan to try and alleviate some pain and I hope it helps.
    In the past I have found massage & chiro very helpful with pain. Also, depending on the pain heat and/or ice is helpful. If you are worried about arthritis, have you read up on anti-inflammatories and avoiding inflammatory foods (you probably know about all of that already).
    Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better soon!