Friday, February 7, 2014

Cards, Wine Making, & Vegan Wildtree Recipes

Here's a card I created earlier this week.  It's a bit different from the others I have done because I folded each layer over top and on to the back...usually I use design the front of them.  I really like the way this turned out!  I also used some gems, an adhesive embellishment, die-cut with "Remember" on it as well as an acrylic stamp for the I YOU U part.  I think it's FINALLY feeling getting back into my crafting!  YAY!

Speaking of Dad is getting into one recently...WINE MAKING!  I'm so proud of him!  My father is a great and goofy, too!  His mother's family came over from Ireland.  So he's half Irish and darn proud to be!  He's tinkering with the name Leapin' Leprechaun Wine.  He's already bottled his first red wine.  I think he's going to enter it into a contest in April.  He has judged it in the past but if he enters his wine in the contest he can't be a judge (obviously).  But I think it would be great if he placed in some way!  I'm trying to help him with the wine names.  It's fun!  Next he's going to do a semi-sweet white, I think.  This is the first version on his label that a friend of his created.  They are already working on the 2nd revision, tho.  They are going to change the graphic a bit as well as the slogan.  That's my Dad's face in the Leprechaun!  He's so funny!

This week I made this Avocado Lime Dressing and it was fabulous. 

Here's what's in this Dressing...

1 Avocado
1/4-1/2 C Water
2-3 T Lime Juice
1 tea Wildtree Adobo Seasoning
2 tea Minced Garlic

Also earlier this week I made Chana Punjabi.  It turned out really tasty!
Here's what was in this dish!

2 C Chickpeas
1 Onion
2 Tomatoes
2 tea Minced Garlic
1/4 tea Turmeric
1/2 - 1 tea Wildtree's Garam Marsala Blend

What have you been up to this week!?


  1. The card is so cool, wish I was that crafty! Great that you're getting back into it. And so cool about your dad, I've been wanting to get into wine making too! The recipes look great, especially the dressing!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! You should try it! He is LOVING it! We have a new Wine Making Supply Shop nearby and the guy was super nice for newbies with questions! I have been going thru dressings pretty quick so I will be posting more soon!

  2. Beautiful card Jennifer. I love the Leapin' Leprechaun name - it's so fun! That's really cool that your dad's getting into wine making (my dad was half irish too!).
    The Chana Punjabi sounds divine =) Sounds like you've been keeping busy busy.

    1. Thanks Kimmy! I hope to have more updates with my Dad's wine soon! I think Indian-Type dishes are perfect for the cold weather we've been having! Thanks for visiting - always! I'll be over to your place later today :)

  3. Jennifer,
    Your Avocado Lime Dressing is amazing. I love all things avocado. Thanks for sharing this recipe and your lovely life with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Party hop!