Thursday, August 15, 2013

Veganpalooza Begins Today!

Veganpalooza 2013 begins TODAY!  I will be trying to tune in to MANY of the chats throughout the next few days!  LOOK at this schedule!  It's AMAZING!  I'm personally kicking things off with the preview play-back with guests Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich.
There are MANY others I am eager to listen to including: 

John Salley
Winning with a Vegan Diet,
Rip Esselstyn
My Beef with Meat: Bringing the Message Mainstream
Chef AJ Ready to go Unprocessed? How a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Helps ALL the Animals
Ellen Jaffe-Jones Eat Well, Stay Fit on $4 a Day
Mimi Kirk Forever Young: Secrets to Living A Long, Healthy, Happy Life
James Cromwell Animal Liberation is Human Liberation
Bo Rinaldi & Steve Prussack  How Juice Fasting Can Spread the Vegan Message Worldwide


  1. I adore Veganpalooza, but wish I had more time to listen to all the sessions!

    1. I know! I ended up only listening to 3 of them this time around! Bummer! I did get to John Sally's tho! LOVE him!