Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vegan Zombie Inspired Dishes, Ha Sikil Pak, and Dance School Fundraiser thru Wildtree!

I've been a little more than addicted to The Vegan Zmobie's YouTube Channel as of late and decided to try some of his recipes.  Last night I did these Lasagna Rolls.  I will be having them for dinner tonight but I did sample a small one last night after they had time to cool a bit.  The VIDEO will show you step-by-step "ooo Baby" (sorry KNOTB Flashback!) instructions on how to make them.  I used my own Fresh Basil from my new plant and for the 'meat substitute I used Helen's Kitchen Veggie Ground.  This Veggie Ground is more than just fake meat!  Helen's actually included some mushrooms and Roasted Red Peppers in there too!  I think they turned out pretty good but I am going to try some different combo's down the road, too!

Here's a close up of the Lasagna Roll!  Also instead of sauce I used my new fave thing of salsa cooked down with added Agave.

Another addition to my version is I added some Green Pepper to it, too!

I've been pretty excited because I put the last few Vegan Zombie inspired pics on Instagram and tagged #TheVeganZombie and The Vegan Zombie himself LIKED my photos!  Woot!  YAY!  I'm tempted to buy one of his shirts and be a part of the Zombie Crew!
Another one of his videos I LOVED was his Kale Salad with Special Dressing!  I have been eating this for 3 days and LOVE it!  The Dressing is made up of Tahini, Agave, and Dill.  I used my Wildtree Dill Blend!  It turned out AWESOME!

I used Tomatoes instead of Red Pepper in mine! 

I will be doing this salad and dressing often!  I also thought the dressing would be good over Green Beans so I might do that down the road, too!

I have been trying to be better about eating complete meals for dinner lately.  I have the tendency to be lazy and eat one or two things in larger quantities and sometimes forget to make my plate full - not only with various things but with various colors.  Sure I LOVE colorful dishes (side dishes) but when I am lazier I don't always think about that to fill my plate.

I did do that the last two nights, tho.  Here is one of them.  I had Apple Sauce with Organic Cinnamon, Leftover Tofu Loaf, Green Beans, and Kale Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing!  It was WONDERFUL and I was 'stuffed' with nutritional vegan foods afterwards!  Woot!

I took this photo just to show you that I added Nutritional Yeast to the Salad the one night, too!  It was still great!

A quick side note - a friend of mine told me her student's dance school made regionals and they are trying to raise funds for travel expenses.  Since I was in dance for 8-9 years I wanted to help.  So we set up an online fundraiser with our Wildtree products!  So people can visit and go to the events clickable link and then shop and 20% of sales will go back to the dance team!  We hope to be doing one for a friend of ours that is receiving treatments for Stage 4 Colon Cancer soon, too!  We have been contacted from a Class Reunion Organizer about doing one for them as well.

I had a bunch of Pumpkin Seeds to use so I thought I would try making some Ha Sikil Pak.  I used about 4 or 5 Tomatoes, Pumpkin Seeds, Water, Wildtree California Blend, Wildtree Hot Chili Pepper & Garlic Blend...and it was alright but needs some work.  I will tinker with this for a while and probably try reposting down the road.

I have lots of other stuff to post but am in a hurry!
What have you been up to!?


  1. Everything looks great. I finally got around to uploading photos so perhaps sometime this week I'll post pictures of what I made, roasted root vegetables, raw wraps, cauli scramble. I gave one of my new friends some of the homemade soap I'd made. She's still raving about that. I also gave her herbs from the garden and some veggies. She got so excited she's planing a small garden this year.

    My main focus is my honeybees. For some reason it still feels like I'm not getting them, even though honeybee related packages are arriving to the house (hive, bee suit and tomorrow the smoker will arrive.)

    Oh my steam mop arrives tomorrow! I can't wait to test it out!

    1. Thanks :) Can't wait to see you pictures! Your foods sound awesome, too! Can't wait! Your friend is a lucky one!!! That's awesome you are spreading the word of natural foods and health and beauty - and I know you have been doing do for years! I have a little honey bee section in mind for my blog post today after speaking with 2 new friends yesterday! Of course I thought of you right away! Also looking forward to those mop reviews - how much was it, btw? If you don't mind me asking!?

    2. It was a little over $86.

      I was just sharing some of my things with a nice person, but I guess that is spreading the word, right? ;) She is sold on home made soap now. I told her it's much better than most of the stuff you purchase in the store. I used to sell that when I had my natural skin care business. I created and sold everything. My little business was quite popular. I still make my own products, but now it's on a much smaller scale.

    3. Cool!

      That's neat that she is all jazzed up about homemade soaps now! YAY!

      Do you have a website up still for your business?

    4. No, I'm in the process of starting it again. I have a lot more time now that my daughter is much older. Eventually I'll mention it on my personal site, most likely introduce people to it by offering a giveaway. ;

    5. Great ideas! Let me know, too, I would love to do a giveaway on my blog and also purchase stuff down the road, too! YAY!

  2. Great eats, it all looks good - especially the Lasagna Rolls! It's been a crazy work week here, looking forward to Friday tomorrow!