Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Amy's Place, Buffalo Sabres Hockey, Photos on the Road, & Paco's Nails

This is sort of a PART 2 from yesterday - since I blabbed on for quite a while!  I still had a lot to say!  A big part of today's blog post will be about Amy's Place in Buffalo, NY!  I was lucky enough to go there last week while with my Mom & Dad after the Carrie Underwood Concert the night before (see next post for photos or find me on Facebook I have over 170 posted there!)  Amy's Place is located in the University Height section of Buffalo and is a Lebanese and American Restaurant with a great eclectic feel to it!

Their menu is HUGE and includes LOTS of Vegetarian and Vegan option which I was so VERY thankful for!  When I actually HAVE options at a restaurant it takes me a long time to choose what I will have as it's not very often I have that many choices!  It was wonderful!  Their  Vegan Options are clearly marked with a V inside a leaf.  They have a neat collection of Coffee Mugs they serve their warm beverages in.  It's interesting to see which one you get when you are served!  My mom got one with sunshine on it and my dad got one with veggies on it.  You can also see a photo of some of their mugs on their site linked above.

I decided to go with the:
Falafel Sandwich
Mini $4.99 / Full $6.75
Ground fava beans, chick peas, onions, parsley & spices rolled into patties and fried, then rolled in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, tahini & house dressing.
It was AMAZING!  I got the half which was Gigantic!  I couldn't imagine what the full looked like!  I gave the chips to my dad and my dad gave me his marinated cucumbers!

I had such an amazing time at Amy's Place and I can't wait to go back!  I think my non-veg husband would like it, too!

I noticed this "Be Nice or Leave" Crafty-Looking Sign hanging on their wall and LOVED it!  So True!!!  I've been in Customer Service my entire life and have always tried to stay positive and treat everyone nice and I think when you are in that position you have a new appreciation for others in that same situation.  YES...there are not-so-pleasant customers but lately there have been straight-up HORRIBLE customers that treat others with so much disrespect - it's awful!  Sure - if you are dissatisfied - by all means - let someone know - but there is a right and a wrong way to do it, ya know?  So, YES, I LOVED this sign!

Another reason I frequent Buffalo whenever I can - other than being FROM that area originally - is I still follow the sports!  Especially Hockey!  And with the Trade Deadline approaching my eyes and ears are on the news!  This past year The Buffalo Sabres acquired Steve Ott and I have come to LOVE him.  I hope I am not jinxing him by saying this but out of everyone on our team - I hope he stays!  I really hope they don't trade him!  He's wonderful with the media, a great player, and in a season of uncertainty has been one of the few rays of light on our team!

As you can see here - his number is #9 - I saw this jersey on sale in LUXE in the Walden Galleria Mall!  I didn't buy it but wanted to - but also didn't want to jinx it - my last favorite was Paul Gaustad - and he's no longer with the team.  I'm still not over it.

But...I SHOULD be used to it as I am a life-long Buffalo Sabres Fan.  I've had a laundry list of favorites over the years!  I was lucky enough to meet a few of them, too!  I haven't met Steve Ott (YET!) perhaps one day I will.
My mother is a HUGE Hockey Fan, too!  She was actually the one who got my father into the sport more when they met!

She was really into the French Connection so I was lucky enough to learn a lot thru her!

Here is a photo of the (new) French Connection Statue (now) outside of the First Niagara Center.  This past week was the first time I was able to see it since it was placed there and dedicated

On our way home we did stop at the "Galleria" as I mentioned above.  We stopped at Teavana and bought some tea, we stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods to see about getting a new Canopy for our Wildtree display, too but were unable to find one we liked.

My parents then spent the weekend up near Syracuse with friends of the family.  My Dad is actually their daughters "God Father".  They were able to find a Canopy that they thought would work nicely for this next year!  I'm excited that it's now April!  Our "Busy Season" officially begins TONIGHT and will go thru the end of the year!  Yes...that's a LONG Busy Season, eh!?

I'll have more on the Wildtree Adventures as they become available and happen!  We have an event tonight and another one on Saturday!

In other news I did take Riley to the vet this morning and I know a little bit of what they think it 'could be' but I am going to wait and let you know tomorrow after I know for sure!  Thank you for the comments and emails with positive thinking and vibes for our Riley!  They are appreciated!

Because my morning was "out of sequence" I spent some time with the 'kids' and Paco was quite the character!  He learned this behavior from his brother Riley!  He's chewing on his feet!  What a little weirdo!  But of course - we love them ALL!


  1. Amy's Place sounds great, I'd be all over the falafel sandwich! And wow, busy family!

    1. I know you would have LOVED it! It was AWESOME! I can't wait to go back! Wish you were closer - we could meet up there and have a heck of a time chatting and eating!