Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vegan Veggie Spinach Alfredo Topped Ravioli & Tabouli Salad & Tabouli Salad Sandwiches

 Last night I made this Ravioli.  I've been hungry for Ravioli since dropping dairy from my vegetarian diet.  I ended up ordering some Garlic & Veggie Stuff Ravioli online and topped it with several things I had around the house.  I used Chreese Alfredo Sauce but added more almond milk to it than it required.  I simmered that in with Spinach and Mixed Veggies including: Carrots, Potato, Corn, Peas, and Lima Beans.  It was quiet good.  It wasn't overly seasoned and I LOVE seasonings.  I did use a little bit of Garlic Grapeseed Oil within the mixture and next time I might had some onion and/or chives and more Garlic.
 I also worked ahead last night and made my lunch for today and will have plenty leftover for the next day or two or more.  I cheat.  I use a box mix for Tabouli!  That's what this is.  I just added water, Garlic Grapeseed Oil, Lemon Juice, and Zima Tomatoes. I like this stand alone but also put it in wraps or on top or IN tossed salads...as well as...
 Sandwiches!  So today I'm having Tabouli Salad Sanwiches and they are darn tasty!  Between the Lemon Juice, Mint, and Zima Tomatoes - I think that flavor combo is my favorite part!
Yes!  I can be messy but it's OH SO GOOD!  And Good FOR you! 

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