Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vibrant Vegan eBook - 20 Amazing Raw Vegan Kale Chips Recipes

I don't usually purchase cookbooks (I borrow a lot of them) and I don't think I have ever actually BOUGHT an eBook...UNTIL TODAY.

I found this little gem!

And you know how I have been searching and searching for more ways and flavors of Kale Chips - so - I figured I would buy it!  It was a little over $6 with the tax.  

This really is THE book to get on KALE and KALE CHIPS!  I'm very surprised just how much info is included in it!  It's wonderful!

I am excited to try some if not all of them!  Plus - once I get used to more flavor combos - I'm going to create my own combinations with Wildtree blends and report back!

I'm so happy I purchased this eBook!
If you would like more info on this eBook or to buy it - check out the link HERE.

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